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16. The Translation Agency Battle

December 11, 2018

In this episode, we have a historic battle between our translation partners: Languagewire, Lionbridge, Semantix, and Translations.com. The four agencies wait in anticipation as Thomas spins the Wheel of Fortune to determine who goes first in each round. The rounds are 90 seconds long and give each agency the opportunity to pitch their company, solution for inRiver’s product marketing cloud, translation platform or service, and describe a reference case. These four translation industry key players compete to win the title of translation. Who will be the last agency standing? 


Languagewire: Søren Schønnemann
Lionbridge: Lucy Knowles and Magnus Magnusson
Semantix: Fredrik Rudberg
Translations.com: Nicholas Panagopoulos 
inRiver: David Heston


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